Aristophanes tiled murals and backsplashes in marble and ceramic
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Fruit Bouquet 2
(Corrado Pila)
Fruit Bouquet 1
(Corrado Pila)
Still Life with Tin Jug
(Corrado Pila)
Still Life
(James Boschart)
Still Life with a Basket of Fruit and a Wreath of Asters, Dahlias, Day Lillies and Morning Glories
(Johan L. Jensen)
An Urn and a Basket with Fruit and Flowers
(Jan van Huysum)
Still Life with Melon
(Claude Monet)
Still Life with Peaches
(Pierre Auguste Renoir)
Still Life
(Balthasar van der Ast)
Fruit Basket
(Balthasar van der Ast)
Still life with melon and peaches
(Edouard Manet)
Peaches and plums in a bowl
(Giovanna Garzoni)
Pink Peach Tree in Blossom
(Vincent Van Gogh)
Jar of Peaches
(Claude Monet)
(Claude Monet)
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