Aristophanes tiled murals and backsplashes in marble and ceramic
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A View to the Amalfi Coast
(Carl Fredrik Aagaard)
The Breasts
(Theodore Gericault)
(John Reinhart Weguelin)
Lake Como
(Carl Fredrik Aagaard)
Pergola in Amalfi
(Carl Fredrik Aagaard)
(Vincent Van Gogh)
A Favorite Custom
(Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema)
Creation of Man (Sistine Chapel, before clean-up)
Rainbow Trout
(Duane Raver/USFWS)
Water-Lilies Detail #3
(Claude Monet)
Roll of the hundred horses
(A Prehistoric Artist)
Creation of Man Detail: Hands (Sistine Chapel, after clean-up)
Largemouth Bass
(Duane Raver/USFWS)
Lilac Irises
(Claude Monet)
Brook Trout
(Duane Raver/USFWS)
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