Aristophanes tiled murals and backsplashes in marble and ceramic
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Still Life with Tin Jug
(Corrado Pila) (product=17418) (artwork=pic557)
Still Life with Tin Jug
Price: $433   This beautiful tiled mural features artwork by Corrado Pila.
• 24″ wide by 30″ high (on 6" matte tumbled natural botticino marble tiles)
• our murals are suitable for kitchen, bathroom, or shower
• detailed digital reproduction of the artistís work
• handcrafted in the USA
• keywords: Corrado Pila  grape  peach  vine  plum  fruit  apple  pear  still life  food  table  kitchen  wine  

Our tile murals are suitable for indoor use, on all interior walls. They make a great kitchen backsplash behind a stove or sink, but are not limited to this application. The tiles are doubly treated with UV inhibitors to resist fading due to the UV rays present in indirect sunlight. When installing, a non-abrasive, sandless grout should be used. Tiles should be cleaned with a gentle, non-abrasive, bleach-free cleaner ó a soft cloth and soapy water are fine, as are Formula 409 and Windex. Tiles may scratch if a sharp object is applied to them. If there is breakage of tiles during shipment, we will ship out replacement tiles at no cost.

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Width x height Tile type Price  
16″ x 20″ 4" matte tumbled natural botticino marble $228
20″ x 24″ 4" matte tumbled natural botticino marble $339
40″ x 48″ 4" matte tumbled natural botticino marble $1169
17″ x 21.25″ 4.25" matte ceramic $164
21.25″ x 25.5″ 4.25" matte ceramic $225
42.5″ x 51″ 4.25" matte ceramic $808
24″ x 30″ 6" glass $572
30″ x 36″ 6" glass $824
24″ x 30″ 6" matte ceramic $304
30″ x 36″ 6" matte ceramic $437
30″ x 36″ 6" matte tumbled natural botticino marble $621
32″ x 40″ 8" matte ceramic $489
40″ x 48″ 8" matte ceramic $692

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